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RALPH presents his personal suggestion for great netaudio-releases in december:

Artist: Telegraphy
Gray Matter


New Release

TkY - Vocation

We think techno is back on Gargan Records with this release. On his last few releases "Tky" produced mostly the deeper sounds. Now on the latest release "Vocation" he goes in towards to the stable gait. Dominant rhythms, soft synthesizer pads and numerous changes of mood create the perfect mix of techno beats and extravagant sound-collages.

All files are in a quality of 320 kbit/s and are ready for the (free) download. MP3s, Cover and "all inclusive" ZIP-package are available here on Gargan Records.


Newest Free Release:

[gargan073] / 2013-11-27

The Label

GARGAN RECORDS is a netlabel for electronic music. We distribute our music for free via the internet in the form of MP3 music files. All our free netaudio releases are published under the Creative Commons license (by-nc-nd). GARGAN RECORDS wants to provide a modern platform for artists and their works.

The Goal

Our goal is to strengthen our international bonds of mutual love for music in the netlabel scene and in turn to deliver the music of our artists to an wider audience. If you like our music, don't hesitate to recommend this music

The Contact

GARGAN RECORDS looks for artists from the ranges Techno, Deep House, Tech-House, Electronica.

You want to be remixed by our artists. You think your tracks fit to the Gargan Records philosophy and you want to release your tracks with us under Creative Commons licence. Feel free to contact us by e-mail or see “contact” for more informations.

Please send demos to following address:


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Creative Commons License
This music free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.

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